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Trip to Bandung 2011 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 May 2011 11:14

JHS MB3 – Trip to Bandung 2011

“Bandung here we come” everyone shouted….. Everyone in the bus was excited. We were going to Bandung. We planned to spend 3 days 2 nights. The first destination, we visited the Bandung Geology Museum. It is the biggest and most complete geology museum in Indonesia. It has extensive collections of skeletons, bone fragments, mineral stone, crystals and etc. The next destination was DE RANCH. DE' RANCH is a pasture with a horse-riding track. In addition to ride a horse, there are playground, play boat pond, fishing pond, wall climbing followed by flying fox, bungee jumping, etc. Entrance is cheap, only 5000 rupiah including welcome drink. Each game needs its own fare, which is around 15.000 to 25.000 rupiah.

On the second day, the destinations were Padepokan Dayang Sumbi and Saung Mang Udjo. At Padepokan dayang Sumbi we saw the making process of silk garment from the silk worms. The size of silk worm is as big as adult forefinger WOW. At Saung Mang Udjo, we saw the live performance of Angklung and we learned to make simple knot for the angklung.

On the last day, we visited the SUNDIAL PUSPA IPTEK Kotabaru Parahyangan. It has 120 of science models available. We found lots of fun science models featured inside the museum such as suspension bike to test your balance, concentration test on a chair full of nails, well of gravitation and etc. Unlike the other museums, Puspa IPTEK encourages its visitors to try out the science models. We were so happy but 3 days to explore Bandung is not enough, so we hope we can get back to Bandung soon and explore more…..


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Factory visit to Yakult PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 May 2011 11:11


Monday, 11 April 2011

A big thanks to Yakult who allow us to visit the factory which located at Desa Pesawahan Kecamatan Cicurug Sukabumi on Monday 11 April 2011. It was a great experience and we really enjoy spending time with teachers, Mr Philep and Ms Merry and also with our classmates.

The factory visit consists of 4 sessions. In the first session, they gave us a brief introduction of the Yakult Company. After succeed in Japan, Yakult started to be produced and marketed in Taiwan in 1964, and then followed by other countries in Asia, Australia and Europe. Nowadays, Yakult global network covers 27 countries and consumed 25 million bottles every day. Second, is about product knowledge. Yakult is fermented milk made by fermenting skim milk powder and sugar with the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain. By consuming one bottle of Yakult everyday, it means we enter at least 6.5 billion of living bacteria Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain into our intestines. They also showed us animation educational video that explained the importance of good bacteria for human digestive system. Third, we had a guided tour, walking around the factory to see directly the Yakult making process. We see the latest technology devices are used to make Yakult. As we seen through the glass, the operations process mostly done by machine, the department only hired some workers to run and control the operations. And then the visit ended up with question and answer session.

At the end of the tours, they gave us a big Yakult water bottle and some snack J yummy and yippee. We got the knowledge and the souvenir tooJ. We can`t wait for another factory visit…. Let`s go to the ice cream factory then >.< that`s what the rest of the students wish for……

2011 Fieldtrip Insights PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 21 April 2011 11:26


2011 Fieldtrip Insights

As an annual event, fieldtrip is something that all students are waiting for. The enthusiasm on this event has been shown even in the beginning of the academic year. The school administration put more attention on more traditional and physical activities and decided, then, to choose Kampung Maen, located in Cibubur, as the destination for 2011 fieldtrip. The reasons why the administration chose Kampung Maen were the games that they offered.

All fourth to sixth grader students participated in this event which carried out on Friday, April 1, 2011 in spirit to explore new experiences which they rarely found in their daily life. All teachers from the related grades were involved in this event. The involvement of the teachers was to encourage and supervise this activity. The activity was divided into five parts, ice breaking, fun games, team games, individual challenge, and creativity.

First, to melt down the situation between classes, students were guided to do some ice breaking activities. The ice breaking was intended to remove the barrier between classes, so the students could melt down freely among them without concerning their grades, ages, etc and created friendliness atmosphere. In this phase students were grouped into several groups randomly, not according to their classes, or any other classifications.

The next activities were fun games, team games and individual challenge. Fun games were intended to bring togetherness among students. For the team games, students were trained to cooperate to achieve a goal. This team games could give the students a point of view that sometime cooperation was needed to reach one goal. So, students in their teams were competing to do their best for their team. The last activity which perhaps was the most interesting activity for the students was “flying fox”. This individual challenge was to stimulate self-independency and gallant. Students were challenged to be able to finish the individual challenge to show their self-independency. Even though some were not able to do it because of various reasons, but most students were happy and enthusiastic with this individual challenge. As cooling down session after physical activities, students were provided with creativity activity. Students were given time to create shapes using soaps. Many beautiful and creative shapes were created in this session. Some students even collected their shapes and brought them home.

At last, after spending time in various activities, the contingent went back to school. Teachers got impression from students’ comments that they did enjoy the fieldtrip and felt that next year this kind of fieldtrip should be carried out again, but with more challenging activities.



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@AMERICA Culture Center PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 May 2011 10:47

@AMERICA at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

We were curious to visit the new America culture center at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place on the 3rd floor. In the entrance, the security asked us to safe our belongings in the deposit and then we were allowed to pass metal detector. Once we stepped in, we were amazed. @America they offers different concept in gaining information.

Unlike the other culture center in Jakarta, America culture center offered its visitor information through a high tech device. They lend us IPADs (BUT, you have to give it back when you’re finished) and let us used the Google Earth application to explore the world too. The recent theme included, sports, cars and American author of novels. What wow about this visit was beside gaining information we also saw the live performance from Gugun Blues Shelter Feat Baim. They are awesome…… the visitors clapped loudly, admired the way they played the musical instruments, we were as excited as them. What an exciting visit….. ^^.


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